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Our Services



Through conversation, playing cards/games, assisting with crafts/hobbies, we like to help bring a sense of accomplishment, positive attitude, and pride to our clients.


Grooming & Hygiene

We can help with laundry and preparing clothing, basic hair/makeup, and hygiene care for the day.  Wake-up and tuck-in services are also available. 


Meals and Medication

Whether it’s preparing grocery lists, helping with meals or medication monitoring, we find this makes for a great day-to-day routine. 


Private Sitting

Whether assistance is needed once a week or as many evenings needed in order to help regain strength after a hospital stay or during a rehabilitation period, we are available.   



Laundry/ironing, dishes, garbage, dusting, sweeping, and organizing mail/newspapers are some of the housekeeping services that we offer. 



We are available to help with keeping groceries as well as medications in stock.  Assistance with other errands is also available.


Our Values

Integrity Without Compromise 

We believe in demonstrating the highest levels of honesty and integrity in all interactions, and we will never compromise for short-term gain or convenience.


Quality of Life

Our work is focused on assisting our clients and their families to improve their quality of life during the aging process, maintaining peace of mind, and enjoying independence.  


Open Communication

Clear and open communication is critical to building and maintaining positive relationships.


Positive Attitudes 

To be successful in this dynamic business, we maintain positive habits of thought in all we do, reminding ourselves to think and act positively in every situation.  


Continuous Improvement 

Continuous self-evaluation is not only vital to our process, but it is extremely important to ensure we are providing the utmost care possible to our clients.


Celebrating Life 

We believe in the sanctity of life and in celebrating it.  We foster this by creating opportunities for our clients to live a life that they can celebrate.

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